the crash test that hurts!

You know it, or not for that matter, but Tesla is widely criticized for its poor quality of manufacture and assembly. His Autopilot even killed on American roads. But we must now recognize that the American brand builds safe cars. And it’s not the zany boss of the brand, Elon Muskwho says so, but the organization Euro NCAP which gratifies the Model Y, out of the factory in Berlin, 5 stars.

the Electric SUV has, in fact, achieved an impressive score of 97% for adult occupant protection and, thanks to the many driver assistance and safety systems included in the FSD system of the same Autopilot, 98% for safety aids . We are on the best scores in these two categories for the models evaluated according to the 2022 rating.

The worst thing is that the Tesla Model Y even offers a 100% with its lane keeping assistant and the new alert system which uses a camera installed in the passenger compartment. In addition, the system for avoiding collisions with cars, pedestrians and cyclists worked particularly well during field tests, since Euro NCAP sanctions this Model Y 87% for the protection of children and 82% for pedestrians where only the Lexus NX did better with 83%.

But what are the police doing… ?

Or rather, our builders who let themselves be overtaken by Elon’s bugger…

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