The Cosori Dual Blaze oil-free fryer test has joined our comparison

The Dual Blaze by Cosori is an oil-free fryer full of promise, largely kept thanks to its two resistances. It is also distinguished by its WiFi connection.

The Dual Blaze is a pretty amazing oil-free fryer, first of all for its performance. If it does not completely dispense with mixing or turning the food during cooking, the new fryer from Cosori is still capable of providing good results. It is also easy to program and benefits from intelligent wifi integration. However, we regret the quality of the materials used and the preponderance of English on the control panel.


The Air Fryer MAX is certainly not lacking in qualities. Easy to master with its complete control panel, it is also very quick to heat up and offers a wider temperature range than most of its competitors, going up to 240°C… and even a little more besides. The Air Fryer MAX has a tendency to exceed the temperatures required for ignition, requiring preheating in the process, or even adapting the temperatures of the recipes. We have seen simpler, and we also regret that its tank is a little narrow. Small flaws that do not prevent it from positioning itself in front of the AirFryer XXL HD9860/90, the best rated oil-free fryer in our comparison.

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