the Commune of Salé takes action (PHOTO)

In order to fight against the phenomenon of the proliferation of stray dogs and the danger they represent for citizens, the Commune of Salé has launched an action plan.

A campaign to collect stray dogs will be launched from this Monday, September 19, and will extend until the end of the month. In a document, of which The Info Site holds a copy, the campaign will concern the 5 districts of the urban municipality of Salé, namely Tabriquet, Hssaine, Layayda, Bettana and Bab Lamrissa.

According to an informed source, the collected dogs will be placed in a shelter, where they will be castrated and sterilized. Some users on Twitter were outraged by this actionindicating that it is only a “massacre” in disguise.

This operation comes a few days after the death of a little girl in the Agadir region, fatally attacked by a pack of stray dogs.


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