The closure of the Cournon lake (Puy-de-Dôme) saddens its regulars

Marion, who manages the restaurant bar on the Cournon-d’Auvergne lake alongside her father, is smiling. “We are having a great season! We work really well” And when the question of the body of water comes up on the table, the restaurateur affirms it bluntly: “The closure of the body of water has absolutely no impact on the restaurant”. Only small downside, “a stationary beach bar” and the recipe that goes with it.
An identical observation on the side of the campsite which offers its tourists the pleasures of a private swimming pool.

“A social ambition”

But if the economy near the body of water is not impacted, it is all “the social ambition of this playful and free space” which is seen scuttled by this forced closure. For François Rage, mayor of the town, this is indeed the essential problem. “Our body of water does not really have any economic ambition, like Lake Chambon for example. It is rather a leisure area accessible to many families who come by bus from Clermont or Cournon. It is the main bathing place in the agglomeration for all those people who cannot go on vacation”. A population which, in fact, consumes very little locally.
So today, all eyes are on the sky waiting for rains that could bail out the Allier

and allow the nutrients, far too numerous, to be diluted in a larger volume of water.

The Cournon body of water is the updated groundwater table of the Allier.

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