The casse-vin, an old Lyon tradition brought up to date

Less known than the mâchon, the casse-vin is brought up to date from this Thursday at Bouchon Sully in Lyon.

This ancient Lyon tradition brought together canuts for an end-of-day snack. “The casse-vin is a bit like the afterwork of the Lyonnais“, laughs Julien Gautier, the chef of Bouchon Sully in the 6th arrondissement. “It was a little earlier than our aperitif, around 4 or 5 p.m., because the canuts started their day quite early. We are adapting and we will offer wine breaks from 6 p.m.“, specifies the one who is also the chef of the M Restaurant.

It is therefore when leaving the office that today’s Lyonnais will be able to taste all types of typical dishes, offered in the form of tapas: “There will be pâté en croute, platters of Lyonnaise charcuterie, Saint-Marcellin, potato and herring salads, sausage lentil salads, brioche sausage. All with bribes of white wine or red wine“, explains the member of the Toques Blanches Lyonnaises. For the sweet part, the Bouchon Sully will offer several desserts such as brioche with praline, madeleine and pear financier.

We wanted to perpetuate the Lyon tradition a little while energizing the cork by imagining something new. It gives a slightly younger image to the corks and attracts another clientele.“, confides the chef, who thus intends to energize neighborhood life.

This new appointment is to be noted in the diaries, since it will take place every first Thursday of the month. “The idea is to create a habit and make it part of the heritage of the capital of gastronomy“, concludes Julien Gautier.




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