The best canned cassoulets are sold in Belgium at… 5.15€

The cassoulet, here is a good autumn dish that warms up and gives pleasure and that, we really need it. Doing it yourself is quite an operation and it takes time and money. For this kind of dish, canned food is the right solution and it saves an evening meal when you dry up and there is nothing in the fridge! Cassoulet, this tasty mix of beans, meat and sausage has different origins: it can be Toulouse, Castelnaudary, confit, pork, duck, …

Which one to choose then? The French magazine 60 Millions de Consommateurs looked at the boxes of cassoulet found in the main supermarkets and in particular private labels such as Aldi’s Pays gourmand, Carrefour’s Reflets de France, Nos Régions ont du talent d’ E.Leclerc, Itineraries of flavors from Intermarché and U Saveurs. The institution’s specialists studied the Nutri-Score, the amount of meat, the percentage of fats, sugars, salt and carbohydrates to determine which was the most qualitative.

Positive point: all the cassoulets screened are up to par, you just have to check the pork/duck meat ratio and take a look at the amount of salt and saturated fatty acids.

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