The arrival of a KFC in the center of Limoges makes you cough: “It pulls us down”

“It’s lamentable, testifies a trader. It pulls us down.” In Limoges (Haute-Vienne), the announcement of the imminent arrival of a KFC restaurant arouses strong reactions even before its installation.

The number 1 in fried chicken intends to invest in one of the main squares of the city, famous in the years 1970-2000 for its chic boutiques.

Today, with an O’Tacos and a Quick in an adjacent street as well as a donut seller, the Place de la République, although completely renovated by the municipality, risks being synonymous with junk food. Not to mention the specter of an incessant ballet of home delivery people likely to create nuisance.

With the mayor, a former doctor, very attached to the Citizen Health City label, a preemption to avoid the arrival of the KFC was considered before being abandoned. “I am opposed to the arrival of a KFC and to junk food in general, announces Mayor Émile Roger Lombertie (LR). But it would have been necessary to buy the fund, ie 380,000 euros then pay 100,000 euros for rent and property tax and 400,000 euros to pay the contracts of employees each year. »

Loïc Médard, project leader, assures that to date, nothing has been finalized, but believes that the “revitalization of city centers must be done through major brands”, like this one. “Rents are so expensive here that only chains that have financially solid backs can set up shop,” analyzes Guillaume Gorceix, owner of a brewery on the square.

The only solution for the municipality: it demanded that another local brand, offering quality food, be associated with the KFC. And promised a decree to channel the nuisance caused by bicycle delivery men.

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