The Abbeville sector affected by avian flu, 27,000 turkeys will be slaughtered

The Somme department will definitely not have been spared by the avian influenza virus. Despite precautions taken throughout France to prevent the spread of the disease, a new outbreak considered “highly pathogenic” was discovered in Sailly-Flibeaucourt, near Abbeville.

This outbreak of bird flu affected a turkey farm and 27,000 birds will be euthanized in the days that follow.

This discovery necessarily follows the establishment by the prefecture of a protection and surveillance zone within a radius of 10 kilometers around the detected outbreak of avian flu.

Any discovery of a dead bird in this sector must be reported to the OFB or the Federation of Hunters.

The municipalities placed in the protection zone are as follows:

  • Forest l’Abbaye,
  • Hautvillers-Ouville,
  • Lamotte-Buleux,
  • The title,
  • New,
  • Noyelles-sur-Mer,
  • Port-le-Grand,
  • Sailly-Flibeaucourt

The municipalities placed in surveillance zones are:

  • Abbeville,
  • Agenvillers,
  • Bernay-en-Ponthieu,
  • Boismont,
  • Buigny Saint-Maclou,
  • Cahon,
  • Cambron,
  • Canchy,
  • Caours,
  • Crécy en Ponthieu,
  • Domvast,
  • Drucat,
  • Estreboeuf,
  • Favieres,
  • Fountain on Maye,
  • Forest Montiers,
  • Froyelles,
  • Grand Laviers,
  • machiel,
  • machy,
  • Miannay,
  • Millencourt-en-Ponthieu,
  • Mons Boubert,
  • Neufmoulin,
  • Neuilly the hospital,
  • Ponthoile,
  • Quesnoy le Montant,
  • Saigneville,
  • Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme,
  • Yonval

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