Thanks to Elon Musk, you will no longer be ashamed of tweeting from an Android

At Twitter, the revolution continues and Elon Musk has just made a new decision. He no longer wants the platform to specify from which platform a message was sent. A measure that should especially please brands… Android!

Newly owned by Twitter, Elon Musk still has a lot of ideas for transforming the platform. The boss of Tesla, very active on the social network, recently announced that he was going remove a historical feature. On each tweet, you can easily spot from which device the message was posted. This information is visible from the desktop or web versions, as well as from mobile applications.

Most often, you’ll see one of the following next to the time date:

  • Twitter for iPhone/iPad from the iOS/iPadOS app
  • Twitter for Android from the Android app

This is also the case if you send a message from a browser (Twitter Web App) or a computer:

  • Twitter for Windows via app for Windows;
  • Twitter for Mac via app for macOS;

The possibilities are endless and there are sometimes other mentions referring to publishing services or other connected devices.

According to Elon Musk, this feature is useless and he did not fail to let it be known. “Part of the day will be disabling the ‘microservices’ bloatware. Less than 20% of them are actually necessary for the operation of Twitter! », explains the American billionaire. He adds : “And we’re finally going to stop adding the device a tweet was written on (waste of screen space and compute) below each tweet. Literally no one knows why we did this…”.

A clear message from the man who has multiplied radical decisions since taking power.

Brands will appreciate

For most users, there is indeed not much interest to know from which tool the message is sent. In reality, we most often pay attention to this mention when a brand has decided to publish a message.

For many years, several Android brands have been caught red-handed, sending a message to tout their products from an iPhone. This is particularly the case of the most illustrious competitor of the Apple brand: Samsung. On several occasions, the South Korean giant displayed the mention “Twitter for iPhone” on his account as he announced the release of a new device.

So in the race to become the market leader, HUAWEI also made the same mistake. To wish a happy new year 2019 to its community, the Chinese brand tweeted its message from an iPhone. If the error can make you smile, it did not really please the management of the manufacturer who had sanctioned the authors.

More recently, it was the Google Pixel team that tried to promote its Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro by tweeting from an Apple device.

Regularly, we also find this type of error when brands partner with celebrities. In France as in the rest of the world, of stars praised a Samsung or Huawei device from an iPhone. The disappearance of this mention will undoubtedly relieve many brands.

For the record, Apple also tweeted from an Android device:

But why this title?

If we chose this title, it is in reference to the “bubble war” between Google and Apple. While the first wants to impose the RCS, the second creates a distinction between its iMessage and SMS / MMS. The former appear in blue bubbles while the latter appear in green colored bubbles. However, the blue bubble in iMessage would be seen as a social marker among some young users. This is according to a survey published by the Wall Street Journal.

On Twitter, there is no such difference in treatment between platforms. Nevertheless, we note that the mention “Twitter for Android” or “Twitter for iPhone” can create tensions in the exchanges.

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