Tesla’s humanoid robot will take its first steps in September according to Elon Musk

The sulphurous billionaire announced on Twitter that Tesla could present a working prototype of Optimus, his house droid.

Will we see Tesla’s robot in motion? Elon Musk, said in a tweet on June 3that it was moving the company’s “AI Day” event from August to September in order to showcase a “working” Optimus prototype.

Remember Optimus, a humanoid droid who will take care of repetitive and boring tasks “that humans no longer have the faith to accomplish” according to the billionaire. The prototype was revealed on Tesla’s last AI day in August 2021 and, as often with Elon Musk, it’s hard to tell fact from anecdote.

Tesla Bot robot // Source: Tesla

A world first

Tesla has already promised plenty of fancy projects that never came to fruition, like a network of solar-powered superchargers, city-to-city rocket travel, or a self-driving car you might call The Other Side from the country.

Elon Musk is very good at playing with the press, especially when it comes to diverting attention. His plan to take over Twitter has been floundering as feds are investigating whether he broke the rules when he originally bought a 9% stake in the company. Tesla’s chief executive has also announced that he may lay off 10% of the company’s workforce.

Earlier this year, Elon Musk said that production of Optimus could be launched as early as 2023. If this were to be true, this product would change the economics of robotics. Even Boston Dynamics, which makes some of the most advanced bipedal robots in the world, is still experimental.

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