Tesla: Which model to choose?

You all now know the Tesla brand founded as Tesla Motors, created on 1er July 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, it will then be taken over by Elon Musk. This brand has different models but are they suitable for different standard consumers? This is what we have analyzed in this article.

The REAL pluses at Tesla

First of all, you should know that for all the models offered, Tesla offers Tesla apps and updates that offer comfort and new driving modes that change often to increase vehicle performance. A real plus in after-sales service, which does not exist – or to a much lesser extent – ​​with other manufacturers.

You, as a Tesla owner, can benefit from the platform mode : youtube, twitch and karaoke mode, will be your best allies during breaks, while you are recharging your vehicle in particular.

Dual engine performance

Tesla all-wheel drive has two ultra-responsive independent motors which digitally control the torque transmitted to the front and rear wheels, for superior handling and better control of traction and stability. For example, the Model Y retains its capabilities regardless of the conditions: rain, snow, mud and off the beaten track.

Tesla Model 3 from 53,490

To start, you can check the consumption of your car according to driving directly by looking at the meter. The 4-door sedan retains a family size (rather for a small family) with 561 L at the rear and 88 L at the front. Not to mention the possibility of accommodating 5 people!

For the passenger comfort, there are 2 USB sockets in the back, the seats are heated, as is the steering wheel, windscreen wipers and mirrors: practical! The aesthetic aspect is not neglected, however, the woodwork is particularly beautiful and the materials used reinforced.

The seats have a vegan faux leather and the car as a whole observes from double front glazing. In addition, preheating is possible. A 360 degree camera live from the vehicle is accessible from the tesla app for ever greater safety (visual processing of 250 m)!

Note: the car is quite low and wide, it is not the most practical to handle.

Quick overview of the model:

  • Autonomy: 409 to 602 km
  • Power 275-513 hp
  • Recharge: 1980 km/h, it takes 15 min to recharge 275 km
  • Consumption: 14.9 and 16.6 kWh (100km)
  • 19 inch rims
  • 15 inch touch screen + carplay that can be linked to the phone
  • 14 speaker sound

What we remember from this model

The modern central console offers a large and more than appreciable storage space and two places to charge your smartphone by induction. The forward dash provides more legroom for drivers. In addition, accessible streaming with premium connectivity and the large glass roof provides UV protection…

Have you ever seen such a complete car? Not us.

For more information, visit Tesla Magazine.

Tesla Model X from €141,990

Brief presentation of this model

  • Autonomy: 375 to 580 km
  • Power: 340 – 1020 hp
  • Charging: 916 km/h
  • Consumption (kWh/100km): 22.6 – 23.6
  • 22 inch rims
  • HD camera
  • 22 speaker
  • 960 watt with noise reduction
  • Series hepa filtration
  • Tri-zone temperature control

The Model X can accommodate up to 7 people. In terms of storage, there are 187 L at the front and 357 L at the rear. If we lower the seats of the 2nd and 3rd rows, we even get 2300 L. Note that on this last row, the 3rd, there is not much room for the legs, so it is recommended to install children there instead .


Ease of storage therefore, but also of access thanks to the so-called falcon rear door. Comfort is an important point of this car, as in all Tesla models by the way: wireless Bluetooth charging and USB C sockets will delight you! The large storage in the doors as well.

The electric adjustment of the front seats and the 2nd row of rear seats, as well as the possibility of heating them, just like the steering wheel and the wipers, are reminiscent of the Model 3. You can also adjust the height of the boot lid by pressing on a button to indicate the desired height. So many gadgets and practicality for a single car!


The luminosity is impressive in this vehicle and we particularly appreciate the gigantic panoramic windshield. In addition, the sun visor works with a rather practical magnet system. The light wood inlays on the doors will seduce you. Just like the leather that takes up the color of the seats…


Finally, safety is an aspect that should not be overlooked. The large windshield is an active bonnet that lifts up in the event of a collision with a pedestrian. The battery is located at the bottom and protected, the car is not easily overturned in the event of an impact.

What we remember from this model

On the cockpit, the visual of the chosen model appears. It also shows the remaining range and the average fuel consumption of the car. On the steering wheel on the left, we can directly navigate in our playlists – especially since you can connect directly to your Spotify account. A real plus!

For this model, you can order the hitch available directly on the Tesla site. On this same site, you find the Model X at 12,800 euros over 5 years. Hence the interest in choosing the reduction of this model to a classic SUV…

For more information, visit Tesla Magazine.

Tesla Model S Blanket from €138,990


It is once again a model that has not finished dazzling you with its dynamic LED lights that will adapt on request and its 19 or 21 inch rims. In the front trunk, you get 60 L and in the rear trunk 745 L. 1645 L by lowering the rear seat, an interesting volume.

Ideal for a family

There is a large place, which is ideal for a family, especially at the back. The seats are stylish and the second row has access to games. Finally, at the level of the trunk: the seat folds flat, which makes it possible to have front and rear trunks.

A jewel of technology

This sedan exists in Long autonomy or Plaid version. Most have a half yoka flywheel, although some have a full flywheel. In any case, they all have an autopilot mode and experience the digitalization of Tesla cars. The 17-inch touchscreen with left-right tilt is particularly pleasing…

Quick overview of the model:

  • Autonomy: 305 to 840 km
  • Power: 1100 hp
  • Charging: 1714 km/h
  • Consumption (kWh/100km): 19 – 19.3

For more information, visit Tesla Magazine.

Tesla Cybertruck

The least we can say is that the design of the Cybertruck leaves no one indifferent. Tesla’s goal was to make a vehicle that stands out from the competition, it’s succeeded! On aesthetics, everyone will have their own opinion on this rough-hewn and particularly raw design.

Almost 6 meters long and 1.90 m high, this pick-up is of the notch of the star of the category, the Ford F-150. But it is not only an original object, Tesla praising the solidity of his machine. This ultra-resistant steel “exoskeleton” would be much more resistant than its rival, and even resistant to certain bullets.

Performance and capabilities

Three variants constitute the initial catalog of the Tesla Cybertruck.

  • The access variant has a rear engine, therefore only two-wheel drive, with power and torque not mentioned. It would however be able to shoot down the 0-100 km / h in 6.5 seconds, and has a peak at 177 km / h.
  • The second twin-engine version will be four-wheel drive. It lowers the acceleration to 4.5 seconds, its Vmax being increased to 193 km/h.
  • Finally, the sportiest of electric pickups moves via three motors, for a 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds, and gives a maximum speed of 209 km/h.

Utility above all, the Cybertruck can tow from 3,400 to 6,350 kg depending on the version. Its nearly two-meter dump body can transport objects weighing up to 1,590 kg.

Cybertruck battery and range

The single-engine Cybertruck will have 400 km of range, the two-engine version 484 km, the very sporty tri-engine promising more than 800 km. The cells should however be identical to the Model 3.

The price, however, is in dollars only. The entry-level Cybertruck is billed at $39,900, the mid-level version at $49,900, with the most efficient bumping up the bill to $69,900.

Tesla Model Y from €49,990

Brief presentation of this model:

  • Autonomy: 514 to 533 km
  • Power: 351 – 462 hp
  • Charging: 1838 km/h
  • Consumption (kWh/100km): 14.4 – 15.1
  • In 15 min, you can recharge the equivalent of 241 km

Up to 5 people can travel in this model and the tailgate opens into a low-threshold trunk making loading and unloading quick and easy. Two independent motors cohabit with a 15-inch touch screen and front and rear double glazing. We have not finished quoting all the characteristics of this incredible vehicle!

It gives you the benefit of:

  • Electric adjustable front seats
  • Heated front and rear seats
  • Folding 2nd row seats
  • Premium audio system – 13 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amplifiers and immersive sound
  • Premium connection (30 days included)
  • LED fog lights
  • Tinted glass roof with infrared and ultraviolet protection
  • Heated and auto-folding side mirrors
  • Music and media accessible via Bluetooth®
  • Custom Driver Profiles
  • HEPA air filtration system
  • Center console with storage space, 4 USB ports and docking stations for 2 smartphones

For even more information, visit Tesla Magazine.

Tesla Roadster: 215,000

With a range of 1000 km, its more sporty use best suited for 2 people. Its release is scheduled for 2022.

Find it on Tesla Magazine!

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