Tesla Superchargers open to all vehicles are available in 5 new countries

Tesla has just announced that other countries are joining the trial of superchargers open to everyone. Austria, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom and Sweden complete France, the Netherlands and Norway.

Summer vacation is approaching, and this announcement from Tesla is likely to be welcomed by users of non-Tesla electric vehicles. With 5 new countries open on this large-scale test of superchargers open to all, Tesla now covers 8 countries, including France, in strategic locations.

This extension of the Tesla experiment will allow many electromobilists to travel more serenely this summer. This offers an alternative solution to the Ionity, Fastned networks and other charging stations developed locally by new players.

Still limited to certain superchargers only

In the Netherlands, all Tesla superchargers are now open to all vehicles. Otherwise, it should be remembered that only a few superchargers selected by the brand are now accessible to other models that can charge in CCS:

  • 15 stations for the UK
  • 8 stations for Belgium
  • 10 stations for Austria
  • 13 stations for Spain
  • 40 stations in Sweden

You can find the full map on the Tesla website or on its mobile app.

Map of superchargers open to everyone in May 2022 // Source: Tesla

However, one may be surprised not to see either Germany or Switzerland in this list. However, the network of superchargers is well developed there. Hopefully they end up joining the roster soon as well.

The Tesla app to find and use these superchargers

To be able to use these different charging stations, if you do not have a Tesla model, you must install the Tesla application on your smartphone. In addition to making it easier for you to locate superchargers open to everyone, it is the only payment solution available.

Until all models of electric vehicles can operate on the principle of “plug & charge” (connect and charge) without further operations on your part, you will have to go through this. Finally, if you plan to travel abroad using this charging solution, it is better to be sure to have a telephone plan with data abroad.

The Tesla app will also be the only way to view the charging price of each supercharger. Unlike other fast-charging players, Tesla no longer applies one-size-fits-all pricing, and price variations between two superchargers can be significant. It is better to get information before connecting to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Will the Tesla experimentation continue to expand to other countries and other superchargers in the countries already covered? It will still be necessary to be patient before having a definitive answer from the manufacturer. The summer period will probably be the “stress test” of the experimentation, which will make it possible to define whether the solution can become permanent.

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