Tesla superchargers in France: why so much increase?

This isn’t the first, and won’t be the last, increase in charging rates at Tesla supercharger stations. What is the amount of this latest increase? And above all, why?

For Tesla owners, who do not have unlimited charging offers on superchargers, the bill for electric charging is slowly starting to increase for long journeys. In a few years, the American manufacturer has gone from a free charging policy to now €0.46 per kilowatt hour on average in France, as Numerama was able to observe on March 7, 2022.

But in the face of energy price increases all over the world, Tesla will not be the only one to follow this trend. The other operators, such as IONITY, TotalEnergies and Fastned in France, will probably soon revise their prices upwards as well.

15% increase for Tesla

In less than 3 months, this is already the second time that Tesla prices have been revised. This time, the price of recharging has just increased from an average of €0.40/kWh at the end of December, to €0.46/kWh in March. This represents a 15% increase in the cost of charging on Tesla superchargers.

This is an average, because not all stations have the same pricing. The user can consult the prices of the supercharge points on his journey upstream, by clicking on the details of the station from his vehicle. Some superchargers can therefore display a price of 0.49 €/kWh, while another will be a little lower at 0.38 €/kWh, for example.

This increase does not only concern France, other countries such as the Netherlands have also communicated on a price increase of the same order.

Why this price increase?

It’s no secret that this increase is the direct repercussion of the energy costs which are currently soaring all over the world. Compared to what is happening in Canada, with prices that have more than tripled overnight, France is not doing so badly with its electricity pricing for users of electric vehicles. The operating costs are clearly not the same depending on the country.

Who will suffer from the increase?

An increase that will not really change the daily life of many Tesla owners in France, since a very large majority of customers recharge at home. The calculation of approximately 3 €/100 km is still valid under these conditions. This increase mainly concerns those who use, more or less regularly, supercharging facilities on their long journeys. Above all, it will have a stronger impact on certain professionals, such as taxis and VTCs, who often depend on superchargers to optimize their working day.

Tesla Model 3 in fast charge // Source: Raphaelle Baut for Numerama

Tesla always keeps the objective of offering long-distance journeys (on motorways and expressways) less expensive than their equivalent in thermal vehicles. Refills in electron via the network of superchargers should therefore remain lower than a full tank of fuel. With the current surge in oil prices, the gap is still in favor of electric, finally especially Tesla for their efficiency.

Contacted by Numerama, Tesla France confirms this increase, but assures that prices could fall again, if operational costs were to decrease. In view of the current crisis, this option seems to be on the wrong track in the short or medium term.

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