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If until the energy crisis, the fact of run on electricity was still significantly cheaper than with a diesel or petrol vehicle, the situation has since changed completely. After all, the electricity price are also determined by exploding gas prices, resulting in higher prices than ever before.

And this of course also has consequences for those who drive electric cars. Egear.be recently calculated the current cost of using a zero emission vehicle, and it hurts! Anyone who charges at home without solar panels and who takes out the cheapest electricity contract this month will pay €0.70 per kWh, according to the forecasts of the VREG.

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The price has quadrupled

Tesla Supercharger

Sometimes you also need or want to quickly recharge the battery of your car on the road, and you will find that the prices for electricity at the charging stations have also exploded. To Superchargers of You’re here, for example, you currently pay €0.89 per kWh. With a subscription You’re here at €12.99 per month, or as a driver You’re here, this price drops to €0.74/kWh in Belgium. Thus, with an average consumption of 20 kWh per 100 km, this equates to a cost of € 14.80 with a subscription or as a driver of You’re hereat €17.80 per 100 km for those who fill up without a subscription.

Note that two years ago, the price of Tesla Superchargers was around €0.20 per kWh, which means that the tariffs have more than quadrupled in the meantime. In fact, according to the survey from Egear.beBelgium, along with Denmark, has the highest rates in Europe at Tesla facilities.

With our Dutch, German, French and Luxembourg neighbors, you currently pay €0.84/kWh, €0.80/kWh, €0.79/kWh and €0.69/kWh respectively without a subscription. However, the cheapest country in Europe is Finland, where you only pay €0.55/kWh without subscription.

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