Tesla recalls 500,000 vehicles over design flaw

Nearly 500,000 vehicles from the American brand were recalled to the United States by the latter about ten days ago. Tesla engineers have become aware of a design problem with the trunk of certain models.

The first seller of electric cars is once again singled out. Close to 500,000 vehicles Tesla’s Model 3 and S have been recalled in the United States by the manufacturer. On December 21, the American traffic safety agency, the NHTSA, was informed. At the origin of this massive appeal, a defect in the design vehicles, located at the level of the trunks which will increase the risk of accidents. Tesla nevertheless assured thatno mishap was caused by this error. In total, 356,309 Model 3 and 119,009 Model S are repatriated by this procedure.

Excessive wear on the rear view camera cable

For the Tesla Model 3, the manufacturer advised that repeatedly opening and closing the trunk could cause excessive wear on the coaxial cable, connected to the reversing camera. Eventually, this option could become unavailable to the driver. On Model S, the potential problem is on the front trunk. One of Trunk latches may be incorrectly positioned. It would therefore be possible to see it open while driving and obstruct the driver’s visibility, which increases the risk of an accident.

Tesla will not charge for these repairs

Any repairs put in place for these design defects will be supported by the Californian manufacturer. Customers who have already done this before the recall should not be reimbursed, however. For Model 3, Tesla plans to install for free a new harness and a new cable cover. Regarding the Model S, the company believes that a simple repositioning the safety latch is enough.

Of the nearly 500,000 vehicles recalled by the brand, Tesla estimates that only 1% of Tesla Model 3 recalled will exhibit this design defect and that only 14% of Model S will be affected.

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