Tesla recalls 321,000 vehicles in the United States for a taillight problem

“In rare cases,” the taillights of the affected cars light up intermittently due to a software problem, explains the manufacturer.

The American electric car manufacturer Tesla has initiated a recall in the United States of 321,628 vehicles due to a problem with the taillights which could increase the risk of collision. “In rare cases“, the taillights of the affected cars come on intermittently due to a software problem that can lead to false detections during ignition, explains the company in a document addressed to the American traffic safety agency ( NHTSA) dated November 15 but made public this weekend.

Brake lights, reversing lights and turn signals are not affected. To solve the problem on the affected cars, Model 3 and Model Y of the years 2020-2023, Tesla provides a free remote software update.

The group led by Elon Musk explains in the document that it was alerted to the problem by customers mainly outside the United States at the end of October and confirmed its origin on November 7. The manufacturer is not aware of any incident or injury related to this problem.


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