Tesla Model Y: the best tips

Have you just made your dream come true by acquiring a Tesla Model Y? Or have you owned it for some time but want tips on how to make even better use of it? Here is the list of our best advice for those who need it!

Getting used to driving with AutoPilot

Drive for at least two days on surface roads without using the autopilot. Just to get used to driving with one pedal. Get used to the acceleration. Getting used to turns etc. My wife was anxious about the PA at first, and I think the extra time I took to drive manually helped me a lot.

Then start to play with the AutoPilot. Get used to learning what it will do in different situations. Will it let other cars get in your way? What force must be exerted on the wheels to disengage it? What force must be exerted on the wheels when the turn signal is activated? Does it take turns in the road comfortably?

Where can you leave your hand on the wheel to set off the alarm comfortably and without interrupting the system? (I do like DirtyTesla, and leave my hand in the lower left corner, just enough pressure to let him know I’m there). Get used to turning the car off using the gear lever, so it’s not so abrupt.

Basically, learn when you should disengage her and take over.

Take advantage of all the technological prerogative!

Connect to Netflix, Hulu, etc. while you don’t need it. Nothing is more annoying than having to log in right away.

Have a first aid kit nearby: you never know

For any car: get a good first aid and emergency kit for your trunk. I also put a packet of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer in there.

Have something to clean and troubleshoot

Take a packet of windex wipes. You might find yourself in a situation where you are on a trip and your AP cameras are too dirty to use. You will want to have something easy to clean them with.

You can’t jumpstart other cars with a Tesla. So I bought one of those self-contained car jumper cables, in case anyone needed help. It also works great as a backup battery to charge cell phones if you’re down. If you can find one that also pumps tires, then you’ll have a good multi-tasking unit.

Ask yourself the (essential) question of charging

How will you charge it daily? In a garage ? Can you have a more powerful charger installed? Go to the PlugShare site and find out where your emergency charging locations are. Where is the nearest supercharger? And the others in the city? You’ll probably have to go to the supercharger at least once to find out how it works.

Finally, do not hesitate to share YOUR best advice in the comments!

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