Tesla Model Y, Fastned, Revolte E-Garage: the Watts d’Or have given their verdict!

2022 Watts Gold Winners

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As you probably know, and moreover you may have followed the ceremony live on YouTube, on Thursday evening we awarded the Watts d’Or for the electric car of the year, as well as two other trophies in the field electromobility.

A unique event in France and a first edition all in conviviality, in good humor in front of a top-notch audience, with the small dose of suspense inherent in any trophy presentation.

Come on, if you haven’t followed, enough suspense, here are the 3 trophies awarded:

⚡Watt d’Or Electric Car of the Year: Tesla Model Y Performance

⚡Watt d’Or for Best Charging Network 2022: Fastned France

⚡Watt d’Or for Best Innovation in Electromobility: Revolte, e-garages

Concerning the two categories Electric car of the year and Best charging network, we must nevertheless specify that it was very very tight. So much so that we hesitated for a moment to create 2 trophies for the Electric Car, that of the jury and that of the public. Because if between the two votes the result was very close, know that on the public vote side, it was the Renault Mégane E-Tech which won by a short head.

But when we aggregated all the votes, and even after applying our weighting factor giving more weight to the public vote, it was the Model Y that won, by a short margin. No voting system is absolutely perfect or absolutely fair, but what we have put in place is probably the closest thing to reality, especially when you consider that we had several thousand votes from the public.

Regarding the charging networks, the same. Even if in this category, there was no public vote, it was extremely close between Fastned, Electra and Ionity, the very innovative French start-up Electra, having missed the first step of the podium by very little.

You will have all the quantified details of the voting system and the allocation of Watts d’Or points, in complete transparency, in an article to be published next Tuesday in my Green Zone section.

In any case, congratulations to these three superb winners, and a big thank you to all those who were involved in this first edition of the Watts d’Or, whether they were the members of the jury, our partners ChargeGuru, Mister EV and Carbone Café, representatives of the winners, Automobile Propre employees, and of course the Automobile Propre community who had voted en masse.

See you in 2023 for the second edition of the Watts d’Or, which will undoubtedly be even more competitive.

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