Tesla model 3 propulsion with hitch, impossible to add after delivery for sale

Batteries included

34000 Montpellier (France)
October 24, 2022, 5:51 PM





  • Frederic34000 (Particular)

The seller refuses any commercial canvassing


Tesla model 3 propulsion (formerly Standard plus, SR+) with the latest innovations (AMD Ryzen processor in particular).
Mint condition, registered on 03/15/2022, 12,366 km, black interior, multi-layer pearly white paint.
WLTP range: 510 km, acceleration 0-100 km: 6.1 sec., top speed 225 km/h, power: 286 hp.
60 kWh LFP battery with the advantage of being able to recharge it to 100% daily.
18-inch aero rims with Tesla anti-theft nuts (€50)

Coupling option taken at the time of the order and impossible on this model to add one afterwards. The car can tow up to 1,000 kg with a braked trailer/caravan and 750 kg unbraked.

Current purchase price new with hitch option and anti-theft nuts, eco bonus deducted:
Model 3 propulsion: €52,890 (53,490 + 1,350 + 50 – 2,000), i.e. €6,000 less, and -11.3%.
Model Y propulsion: €49,390 (49,990 + 1,350 + 50 – 2,000), i.e. €2,500 less, -5.1%
And all the fuel savings in addition because available immediately.

Additional photos on request. To be paid by bank transfer.


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