Tesla Model 3 Pricing Update

Are you still hesitating to buy the Tesla Model 3? And the prices at the pump are gradually pushing you to take stock? However, you are aware that the prices of the Tesla Model 3 have increased. And as “bad news never comes alone”, as they say, now you also know that it will not be available for delivery before January-February 2023! And not possible to console yourself with the Long Autonomy version, it’s the same thing!

This is at least what the Tesla configurator indicates at the time of writing these few lines.

The price of the Tesla Model 3, still the cheapest?

Imagine that Tesla very recently made a major change in its product strategy. Indeed, the Tesla Model Y is now cheaper than the Tesla Model 3. You read correctly, the SUV is cheaper than the small electric sedan.

The electric SUV can thus be purchased at a price of 49,990 euros in France, i.e. 15,000 € less than the Model Y Grande Autonomie and 20,000 € less than the Performance version.

Elon Musk announces good news on Twitter

On July 29, via Twitter, Elon Musk indicated that inflation was following a downward curve. In other words, Tesla prices should soon drop. Be careful, you have to be patient because he shares a world vision here.

And he continues:

  • Tesla’s commodity prices are trending down more often than up

All the news in video

Screenshot of the configurator on the tesla site, for the model 3 SR
Tesla Model 3 Propulsion on the official configurator

The Autoplus site indicates that it has confirmed the information with the manufacturer, specifying the following reasons:

  • The shortage of semiconductors: Elon Musk has repeatedly recalled that the American brand was suffering from global tension, even if sales figures were good in 2021.
  • The war between Ukraine and Russia makes the production and delivery of certain parts even more difficult, particularly for batteries. These reasons can quite agree.

Tesla Model 3: A good quality / price ratio?

Following our deliberately humorous article on the arguments to dissuade you from buying a Tesla Model 3. We would like to come back to the fund of the success of the Tesla Model 3 by specifying the arguments that form the value for money of the electric sedan from the Californian manufacturer.

The value for money of the Tesla Model 3

  • Its autonomy with a range of 530 km measured on the WLTP cycle. A value comparable to that achieved with a mix between city and road.
  • The firm promises for the current of the year an entry-level version at $35,000 (which should remain below €40,000 in Europe)
  • It is no more expensive than the equivalent BMW 3 Series, Alfa Romeo Giulia and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.
  • A beautiful sporty and aerodynamic line
  • The presence of two chests (one at the front one at the rear) thanks to the batteries included in the floor!
  • A huge 15-inch central screen. which concentrates all the displays and controls.
  • She is sensitive. The controls are smooth, consistent and fairly precise.
  • By default, regenerative braking (which uses the electric motor to brake) makes it possible to dispense almost completely with the brake pedal.
  • Incredible 0 to 100 km/h speed climb shot in 3.5 seconds.
  • Power of 147 kW (200 hp) for the front engine and 211 kW (287 hp) for the rear engine. (and yes there are two engines!!!)

For all those who have gone electric, count on us to accompany you in the discovery of this new mode of driving.

A sales professor told us “when you buy a car you compare fuel consumption, trunk space, power, legroom etc, and in the end you buy the one you like. The act of buying is irrational”

Source: Quora

Tesla Model 3: Prices by continent

Interior Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 photography – Tesla

On the market for more than two years, the Tesla Model 3 stands out as the top-of-the-range family car that inspires dreams: design designed for the driver, autonomy that allows unlimited travel, an automatic piloting system… And the price ? €50,900 in Europe. Our neighbors in China offer a price of €43,000. Two prices that have nothing to do with the €35,000 displayed in the United States. So why such a big difference in Tesla Model 3 prices? We explain how it works.

To understand the prices in Europe, let’s go to the United States

Launched on the American market since 2017, the Tesla Model 3 started at around €35,000. A figure that makes you dream compared to the prices announced in Europe, which reach €50,900. However, make no mistake: the prices displayed in the United States are exclusive of tax, unlike in Europe. So add 20% to the basket. Next, remember that importing has a cost. To do this, add about 10% to your basket and you get a few euros for the same price! It’s not rocket science after all…

Photography Tesla Model 3 – Frandroid

Photo Tesla Model 3 on the road

What about the prices displayed in China?

It’s all in the assembly of the Tesla. Previously manufactured and assembled in the USA in Fremont, today the place has a different name: Shanghai. With some Tesla assembly relocated to China, Tesla Model 3 prices are considered cheaper as they are now locally manufactured. This therefore amounts to a price of €43,000, a difference of €7,900 with European countries. Do you see it a little clearer?

What are the other factors to consider?

If you are told pandemic-mask-hydroalcoholic gel, what do you think of? And yes! The coronavirus is a factor that also explains the drop in the price of the Tesla Model 3. The drop in demand for the car linked to the global pandemic has caused prices to fall in the United States.

The divergence in prices can also be explained by the aid granted by the various countries, such as ecological bonuses and exemption from regional registration tax, which tend to bring prices down.

So convinced by the Tesla brand? The leaders have agreed to lower the price of the top-of-the-range sedan in 2021 in order to be able to access the maximum ecological bonus which is up to €7,000.

Tesla: again a luxury product?

This was the main criticism addressed to the manufacturer, before the commercial success of the Tesla Model 3, which placed this electric vehicle at the top of sales in Europe in 2021. However, with the current situation causing shortages, it is therefore quite logical that owners of Tesla vehicles that will be well delivered in 2022 will have the right (and even the duty!) to feel privileged. Because they will receive a cheaper vehicle (because still at the 2021 market price) and delivered on time, during the year 2022.

This price change will no longer allow you to benefit from the maximum ecological bonus provided by the government. And if you want to be delivered quickly, i.e. in May 2022, you will have to go for the Tesla Model 3 Performance, displayed at a price of €59,990.

Screenshot of the configurator on the tesla site, for the Molde 3 Performance
Tesla Model 3 Performance on the official configurator

What are the three cheapest electric cars?

Unsurprisingly, if we stick only to the “cheapest” electric cars, it is the mini-city cars that prevail. More compact, it seems logical that their cost is lower, in order to leave relatively little trace in the wallet than in the environment of city dwellers. Our TOP 3.

To note

The prices are all given without deducting the ecological bonus, which reaches 27% of the price capped at €6,000 for models sold for less than €45,000 new. €2,000 for those billed between €45,000 and €60,000. All these amounts are valid on condition of ordering by June 30, 2022 and being delivered before September 30, 2022. They will be reduced by €1,000 for any purchase made from the 1er July. So don’t wait any longer before embarking on electric mobility!

Tesla Mag FAQs

  • What are the dimensions of the Tesla Model 3?





    Front overhang0.841m

    Rear overhang0.978m

    Front tracks1,580m

    Rear tracks1,580m

    Ground clearance140mm

  • What is the correct tire size on a Tesla Model 3?

    Types of tiresSummer

    Rims materialAluminum

    Front wheel size235/45 R18

    Rear wheel size235/45 R18

  • Engine nameStandard


    ArchitectureCoil rotor synchronous motor

    InjectionLi-ion battery

    Maximum real power275 hp / 202 kW

    Anti-pollution standardEuro 6

  • How does the Tesla Model 3 perform?

    Maximum speed225 km/h

    0 to 100 km/h5.6s

  • What is the price of the basic Tesla Model 3 in France?

    We warn you, the price of the Tesla Model 3 changes regularly. In August 2022, the price of the Tesla Model 3 is €53,490.

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