Tesla Model 3: increased range and unchanged price for the basic version

Do not call it Model 3 Autonomy Standard Plus (Standard Range Plus for English speakers, SR+ for friends), the basic version of the Model 3 changes its name. It is now called Model 3 “for short”, but it is not the biggest evolution brought by Tesla to its flagship sedan.

Thus, the entry-level Model 3 welcomes a new battery. From now on, its pack would gain almost 5 kWh of total capacity to reach approximately 60 kWh. However, this is an estimate, Tesla no longer communicates on the exact capacities of its batteries. This pack uses LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) technology, as was previously the case for the Model 3 Standard Plus delivered in Europe, from the Shanghai production lines. The Fremont plant could, however, supply our market again in parallel.

Autonomy up, but performance down

Thanks to this capacity gain, the entry-level Model 3 has a WLTP range of 491 km (with 18-inch Aero rims), compared to 448 km previously. However, this battery is not the only novelty. Thus, the basic Model 3 is equipped with the same rear electric motor as that which equips the Model 3 Dual Motor in order to simplify production. Still, its performance is down with a 0 to 100 km / h which goes from 5.6 s to 6.1 s. A notable difference, although this time remains flattering for this entry-level version. The power is not specified, as usual with Tesla.

Finally, the heated steering wheel and rear seats are now standard, as on the Long Autonomy and Performance versions, while the Model 3 Standard Plus required a paid upgrade.

The price of this “new” Model 3 is unchanged from the old Standard Plus. It is displayed in France from €43,800, excluding the ecological bonus of €6,000 (€5,000 from July 2022), for deliveries scheduled for February 2022 to customers placing orders now. The Long Autonomy and Performance versions remain unchanged.

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