Tesla Model 3, in the water what!

A Tesla Model 3 experienced the joys of swimming on the Californian coast, the machine floating a short distance from the shore. Confirmation: its skills are more road than maritime.

Tesla is a brand apart and not just because our comrade Cyril Drevet is a fan. But also, because from the highest management of the manufacturer to the end consumer, there reigns a real harmony of ideas, the same perception of the automobile, the identical certainty of its evolution. A few weeks ago, Elon Musk gave his underdeveloped Cybertruck a lifeline, saying it would be amphibious so as not to disappoint “his” rolling community eager to discover a decidedly different vehicle. He was heard.

The Model 3 at bath time

A Model 3 emerged from the waves near the beach in Santa Barbara, California, earlier this week. The car drifting with the weak waves and the current, without the shadow of a driver on board (or even any grouper, according to our information), sadly abandoned.

All the region’s sheriffs and sleuths are on the case. “Unstolen vehicle”, “owner found”, the first results of the investigation already make it possible to know who will have to pay for the bathrobe of the car. Clearly, a short escapade on the beach with the Model 3, which gets stuck in the sand, the sea rises and that’s it.

It remains to know the motive. Undoubtedly a test, in order to test the tightness of the mark. For the Model 3, we have the answer, while waiting for the Cybertruck.

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