Tesla Model 3 and Y. The Meyle company eliminates suspension squeaks

Does your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y make squeaking noises from the front axle? To solve this problem, the spare part specialist Meyle has developed new suspension arms. But you can also try to request warranty support.


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To solve the squealing problems of the front axle of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, aftermarket specialist Meyle has developed a new suspension arm.


In an electric car, which is naturally quieter than a combustion engine at low speed, the slightest noise can quickly become annoying. On the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, some owners complain of hearing squeaks coming from the front axle (see video below). But on the occasion of the Automechanika trade fair, the German company Meyle, which specializes in spare parts, claims to have found a solution to this problem. For her, it is the design of the original suspension arm that would cause it. The noise pollution would come from the water which infiltrates the ball joint, due to insufficient protection against humidity. The high weight and generous power of these electric cars would not help matters, with a risk of premature wear of the silent-blocks. Findings that led the company to develop a brand new part, belonging to its most expensive range, called HD.

Warranty coverage to consider

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Tesla Meyle HD suspension arms

The two suspension arms are compared here: on the left the original one, on the right that of Meyle.


Guaranteed for four years, this updated wishbone is made of high-strength forged aluminum. It would thus be lighter than the Tesla equivalent while improving rigidity. But it is above all by the design of its ball joint that it stands out, in order to prevent water infiltration. The articulation of this ball joint also has an increased diameter to distribute the forces over a larger surface, while an optimization of the silent-blocks would make it possible to increase their lifespan. Still, we’re talking about vehicles here that are generally still covered by a 4-year/80,000 km warranty. If your Model 3 or Model Y suffers from these squeaks, then have no qualms about contacting Tesla. Although no official recall has been organised, several owners claim to have been able to benefit from a wishbone change without paying anything, which would have solved the problem. A solution may only be temporary, if the design defect mentioned by Meyle has not been resolved, but which at least has the merit of being 100% free and approved by the brand.


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