Tesla makes car charging even better with latest software update

New update, new improvement at Tesla. With version 2022.40.1, fast charging will be optimized to consume less, while improving the charging times of the different vehicles. In addition, door unlocking, radio and dog mode are enriched with new practical features.

Tesla Supercharger

If the vehicles of the firm of Elon Musk are real computers on wheels, this means that bugs can persist in each software version. Updates correct some of them —in addition to adding new features—, as is the case for the version currently deployed: 2022.40.1.

Smarter fast charging

The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y that travel the roads of Europe in the direction of a Supercharger of the brand have a feature that takes on importance as winter approaches: the battery pre-conditioning. Concretely, before charging, the vehicle will use the energy of its motors to heat the battery pack and arrive with an ideal temperature when plugging in.

If the theory is brilliant, the execution is sometimes imperfect (in particular with battery heating during charging when it was not necessary), and Tesla has therefore improved this point in version 2022.40.1:

During fast DC charging, the thermal system controls have been optimized for the power of each charging station, improving both the efficiency of charging and battery pre-conditioning en route. This results in a fast charging time and reduced energy consumption..

We will not fail to verify in practice the improvement linked to this new version.

Dog mode, unlocking doors and logos for radio stations

In addition to these fast charging related changes, Tesla has taken the opportunity to add a few features to dog mode, which can now work in conjunction with sentry mode, to keep your vehicle quietly monitored so as not to disturb your four-legged friend outside. inside.

Finally, radio stations from the relevant application will now be displayed with their logo when searching, and a new unlock mode has appeared. When pressing and holding the interior unlocking button on the driver’s door, all the doors and the rear boot will be unlocked. Of course, this last mode can be deactivated if necessary.

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