Tesla is saving money, the Model X and S will no longer be delivered with their famous key fob

Tesla has announced an important change vis-à-vis its Model X and Model S. These will no longer be delivered with the brand’s traditional key fob. Model X and Model S buyers will automatically receive the Tesla key card. But the firm of Elon Musk has indicated that it will always be possible to buy the key ring separately.


Tesla’s Model X and Model S are definitely in the news. The shortage of components that affects the whole world particularly affects these models. And monster delivery delays are accumulating for Elon Musk’s firm. In Europe, customers who want to place an order, for example, are getting impatient.

And the latest updated Model X and S are expected to arrive in 2023. Meanwhile, Tesla has let it be known that the key rings of its Model X and S will be ancient history.

Model X and S will no longer be sold with the Tesla key fob

The automaker announced earlier this month that Model X and S will no longer come with the brand’s key fob. Buyers will instead automatically receive the Tesla Key Card. As a reminder, Tesla offered its users three different types of keys to lock, unlock and start their vehicle, with precisely:

  • the phone key, which uses the Tesla app as a remote key with Bluetooth.
  • The key card, which communicates with your Tesla via signals at short distances.
  • The key fob, which by pressing buttons allows you to lock, unlock or start the Tesla.

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If you decide to treat yourself to a Tesla Model X or Model S, it will therefore be delivered to you without the Tesla key fob. The Model Tesla 3 and Y will also be affected by this news. Tesla has thus decided so, and from now on buyers will only receive the brand’s key card. Note that it will still be possible tobuy a keychain Tesla to lock, unlock or start your car. But this will require going through the Tesla store independently, and shell out some $175.

Source: insideevs.com

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