Tesla introduces “off-peak hours” in its superchargers

Tesla has just announced the arrival of “off-peak hours” on its superchargers. The saving could be one euro every 100 kilometres.

Tesla has just announced the creation of off-peak hours for the brand’s superchargers. While everyone is summoned to save energy, the American car manufacturer is offering this new system to better distribute the times of use of superchargers.

By placing off-peak hours in the middle of the night, Tesla tries to reduce consumption peaks. In the midst of the energy crisis, it is these peaks that are worrying, because they could cause widespread power cuts. Originally the price of electricity at Tesla was 35 euro cents per kWh.

Cheaper superchargers at night

But faced with soaring energy prices, Elon Musk’s company revised its prices upwards in the middle of September, rising to 67 euro cents. An increase very badly supported by customers and following numerous complaints, Tesla has again changed its prices. The brand now offers the kWh against 61 euro cents.

But the arrival of off-peak hours can make it possible to make some additional savings. Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., it is possible to recharge your Tesla (or any other electric car, superchargers having become universal) for only 54 euro cents per kWh. A small saving that saves €5 for a full recharge on a Tesla Model 3.

The arrival of this price cut comes after strong anger from users and declining popularity for Tesla. When publishing the brand’s results for the start of the school year, Tesla failed to confirm the brand’s enthusiasm. Over the past year, the American manufacturer is down 15% in France.

Tesla can no longer seduce the French

While growth is expected in all countries of the world (or almost), France is an exception for Tesla and Elon Musk. For many, this French disinterest is explained by the numerous price increases that have affected the brand’s models over the past 12 months.

The Tesla Model 3 has thus gone from less than 40,000 € a year ago, to more than 50,000 today. A price increase which has other consequences, the car can no longer benefit from the State’s ecological bonus of €5,000 (reserved for electric cars sold for less than €45,000). In addition to this considerable price increase, Tesla today has to face great competition.

Renault and Peugeot, two historic French manufacturers are present in the world of electrics. The lion and the diamond are reassuring badges on the front of the car, consumers have more confidence in these two brands, which have been present on the automotive market for decades.

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