Tesla gets new 5-megapixel cameras for its semi-autonomous driving system

Specific to Tesla, its semi-autonomous driving system is based on cameras and this should continue for a few more years with the latest generation equipment.

Tesla encounters some problems with its Autopilot but that does not prevent it from continuing to invest in semi-autonomous driving systems with the objective, one day, of removing the “semi”. As in many other areas, the American manufacturer has a very different approach to this equipment, not using radar or lidar, but resting only, for its FSD (Full Self Driving which, despite its name, does not allow not yet allow the car to move without the supervision of its driver), on the analysis of images filmed by cameras, the latter being eight in number.

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And it is a specificity that the brand of Elon Musk will keep. Indeed, according to the South Korean newspaper The Korea Economic Daily, it would have signed a multi-billion dollar contract with Samsung to obtain a new generation of cameras. These are 4.0 versions at 5 million pixels providing images five times clearer than the previous 3.0.

This will be a significant step up from the ones Tesla currently uses, which have a resolution of 1.2 megapixels. They will come to equip in the years to come the Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X and Model Y but also the Cybertruck and even the Semi. The production of this new generation of camera will begin next month.

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