Tesla fights inflation and lowers the price of Superchargers, after raising it

News hardware Tesla fights inflation and lowers the price of Superchargers, after raising it

New rate change for Tesla. Electric charging becomes cheaper, a few days after doubling the price. Good news that remains to be qualified. We find the addition of a night rate as a bonus!

Double price reduction for Tesla Superchargers

Finally some good news in this period of general price increases. Inflation hits hard and pushes all companies to raise their prices. Tesla also had
reduced its recharge from 0.35 euro to 0.67 euro
September 19th.

Change of program finally for the Californian company which finds itself lowering its prices. There is even a second prize for owners of Tesla electric cars. Recharging your car during off-peak hours will therefore be cheaper. The basic rate will also be reduced to satisfy the sling that had launched. There are many people on Facebook groups who have started a revolution against the giant Tesla to bring down prices. It is also on these forums that we could hear about preferential rates at night. An idea that Tesla may have picked up.

Superchargers will therefore see a new fee schedule which breaks down as follows:

  • Between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. you will have to pay 0.61 euro per kWh
  • Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. the rate increases to 0.54 euro per kWh

This dual pricing makes it possible to unclog the electricity network during periods of high energy demand. By encouraging users with a 20% reduction during the night, this should motivate more than one to recharge during these times. Providing a lower rate than the competition also allows you to show yourself as the charging operator who wants to save you money. The nightly rate represents exactly the same philosophy. We will have to see if Tesla owners will have more to charge after 10 p.m. and before 6 a.m.

Real savings on charging your electric car

If the decline is excellent, we ask ourselves a question to which we have no answer. If the rate for Tesla owners drops, is the price of 0.79 euro for other electric cars going down?

It’s time to break out the calculator to see the real savings. Taking the example of the best-selling Tesla in France, the Model 3, you can make great savings. With an average consumption of 15 kW per 100 km, we had to pay 10€ per 100 km. Now base rate increased to 9.15 euros during the day and 8.10 euros at night. A difference of two euros compared to September 19 against the night rate. The current difference between off-peak hours and peak hours is 1 euro. This still represents more than six euros for each complete recharge.

If we take a study by Enedis which shows that on average the French drive 11,500 km per year in an electric car, the annual saving is 115 euros. Even if this figure seems huge, it must be qualified. This is a perfect world where the user recharges his car every Supercharger at night. In reality, the use is rather mixed between home charging and connection hours. We will have to see if this changes the habits of owners of electric cars.

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