Tesla Faced With Class Action Lawsuit Over Autopilot Ghost Braking Issue

The problems started last year when the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) braked for no good reason. The system may mistakenly detect an object on the road or anticipate a collision that will not actually occur and brake to try to avoid it. A problem that causes serious inconvenience to drivers.

A problem that is not new

The increase in complaints to NHTSA has forced the organization to open an investigation into the matter. A Californian owner of a Tesla Model 3 has sued the electric vehicle maker in a proposed class action lawsuit over cars that suddenly stop for non-existent obstacles, Reuters reports, calling the phenomenon a “frightening and dangerous nightmare,” according to the lawsuit. Tesla 3 owner Jose Alvarez Toledo is seeking to represent all Tesla owners with Autopilot in federal court for the Northern District of California.

This is not the first class action

This isn’t the first time Tesla owners have taken class action to make the company pay for mismanaging features inside their vehicles. Last year, Tesla agreed to pay each of its owners $625 for battery acceleration issues, following a class action lawsuit.

With information from Reuters

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