Tesla could build a factory in Canada

More than six “gigafactories” have been inaugurated since the beginning of You’re here. In order to meet the growing demand for its vehicles, the company plans to set up several other such factories. Moreover, the CEO of the company, Elon Muskindicated during the annual meeting intended for shareholders that Canada could welcome its own “gigafactory” soon.

In the facts, Musk claims that the game will be played between Mexico and Canada as the host land for the next Tesla factory. Its arrival would mark the establishment of the fifth plant in North America, the other four being all located in the United States. Elon Musk will make the official announcement “later this year,” according to his speech at said shareholder conference.

What’s more, there are rumors that the Government of Quebec is in talks with Tesla to host this next factory here, on Quebec soil. However, we are not talking about a Giga-factory in the traditional sense of the term, that is to say, which manufactures cars, since it would rather be a factory which would manufacture batteries for the latter. Moreover, the Minister of Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon, had clearly ruled last March during an interview with LaPresse that “we will not make cars”.

Moreover, the flurry of announcements made by various automakers over the past few months, such as the Bécancour battery plant that General Motors will set up, only accentuates Minister Fitzgibbon’s comment. Quebec will focus on battery production in order to participate in the electrification of the transportation industry.

Texas and Cybertruck on the horizon

So far, Tesla has focused on ramping up production at its massive Texas factory, which opened last April. As a guide, the Fremont, Calif. plant is the one that produces the most vehicles annually in North America, and Musk intends to achieve a similar goal in Texas.

That said, the CEO also talked about the next models that would be marketed by Tesla. the cybertruckthis electric pickup truck whose look has nothing earthly about it, will most likely see its price climb above the US$40,000 mark, still according to Musk, and production should begin, according to him, in the middle of year 2023.

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