Tesla confirms the date of the “Delivery Event” of its Semi

A date mentioned last October, now confirmed

Last October, Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla, had already mentioned this date in a tweet when he announced the start of production of the electric truck. But after that – as is almost usual in the history of the Semi – radio silence on the subject.

But now, Tesla seems to be maintaining its appointment around its electric truck: the manufacturer has now tweeted the announcement of the “Semi Delivery Event”, which is to take place on December 1 in Giga Nevada.

Giga Nevada / Giga Texas

As known, the Giga Nevada is the joint battery factory of Tesla and Panasonic. The series production of the Semi is actually planned in the Giga Texas in Austin – but the truck production line is not yet operational there.

Tesla has set up a small truck production line in a new building near Gigafactory Nevada … producing five vehicles a week according to Electrek. Giving meaning to organize the “delivery event” in Nevada.

The number of vehicles delivered still unknown

The number of vehicles Tesla will hand over to Pepsi on December 1 is still unknown. If the information from “Electrek” is correct, around 40 semiconductors could have been built in the eight weeks between the announced start of production and the “delivery event”.

In fact, the production rate is expected to be a little higher: Robin Denholm, chairman of Tesla’s board of directors, told the Wall Street Journal that the goal is to produce 100 tractor-trailers this year. This means that either serial production should last longer or more than five vehicles should be built per week.

Production ramp-up in 2024

The production ramp-up is expected to come in 2024. Thereafter, Tesla is aiming for production of 50,000 units, as Elon Musk recently announced during the analyst conference on the latest quarterly figures. The exact date of the production transfer to Giga Texas is unconfirmed.

Sources: Tesla, Electrek

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