Tesla boosted on the stock market by the production prospects of its Chinese Gigafactory – 09/27/2022 at 14:35

(AOF) – The electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla rose 2.1% in pre-market trading. US equity markets are expected in the green at the open. In addition, according to information from the Reuters agency reporting the comments of two sources, the car manufacturer is counting on a production capacity of around 93% of its Shanghai plant until the end of the year.

This factory, also called the Gigafactory, has been improved thanks to major works allowing the site to go from half a million Model 3 and Model Y produced per year to a potential of one million vehicles. Many of the vehicles produced and assembled there are then exported to other Asian markets as well as to Europe.


A paradoxical performance

Data from EY highlights that the performance of the world’s top 16 manufacturers was particularly strong in 2021. While the average margin has fallen for three years in a row, from 6.3% in 2017 to just 3.5% in 2020 , this margin stood at 8.5% in 2021. This level is a record for ten years. However, the context was particularly hectic for manufacturers, faced with unprecedented shortages of components. Global sales fell 14% in 2020, the year of the health crisis, to rebound by only 5% in 2021. However, last year, players were able to reap the benefits of their efforts on their fixed cost structure. .


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