Tesla: an accident in China raises fears of failures on the brakes of the Model Y

The video of Tesla’s white Model Y hitting two wheels in this Chinese city has been doing the rounds on social media for several days. It shows a Tesla seemingly out of control driving at high speed in a city center. The facts took place on November 5 in Chaozhou in Guangdong province. The vehicle injured three people and caused the death of a motorcyclist and a high school student, local media Jimu News reported, picked up by Reuters and South China Morning Post on November 13.

According to the local media, the traffic police have not yet identified the cause of the accident. Is it a human error, or a technical failure of the vehicle? The question remains. According to a verified user of the Chinese platform Weibo, the Chinese Twitter, quoted by the American media Bloomberg on November 14, the 55-year-old driver lost control of his car for more than two kilometers due to the brake pedal not working. wasn’t working. The version is disputed by the manufacturer.

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Tesla suggests the crash was not due to a malfunction

Tesla pointed out that the car’s brake lights were not turned on when the car was traveling at high speed, with footage from the video supporting this. The company suggests that the accident was not due to a malfunction, and stresses that it will “actively provide all necessary assistance” to the investigation of the local police, which could call on an independent expert. “Data taken from the car shows no evidence that the brake pedal was operated before the accident, and video shows that the brake lights remained off,” the electric car maker said in a statement. On the contrary, the accelerator was heavily used before the accident, adds the company.


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With China being Tesla’s second largest market, the case made headlines in the local press. This is not the first time that the brand has suffered accidents. In December 2021, a Tesla was involved in a fatal accident in Paris. The taxi driver, who no longer has the right to drive, had explained that the accelerator was blocked, and that the braking did not work. The investigation has not yet delivered its results, but here too, Tesla said that the “initial data analysis” of the car revealed “no technical failure”.

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