taxi driver charged

The taxi driver who was driving a Tesla and caused a fatal accident in Paris was put on trial this Wednesday for “manslaughter and involuntary injuries by land motor vehicle”. He was placed under judicial supervision and released.

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At least one dead and twenty injured

The facts date back to Saturday, December 11, in the 13th arrondissement of the capital, at the crossroads between rue de Tolbiac and avenue de Choisy. The taxi driver was not on duty at the time and was transporting members of his family. He lost control of the vehicle and notably struck two pedestrians as well as a glass container. According to the latest provisional report, the accident caused at least one dead and twenty injured.

The driver is a man in his fifties, and a taxi driver for thirty years according to his lawyer Me Sarah Saldmann: “He is very shocked by this accident. He told me that he lost control of his vehicle. The vehicle raced and the brake pedal no longer responded. has no handbrake”.

The G7 taxi company announced on Tuesday that it was suspending Tesla Model 3s
a measure that concerns about 37 drivers.

Tesla refutes a “technical failure”

For his part, the Minister of Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, assured that“at this stage”, there is no element that would support the thesis of a technical problem. The American car manufacturer claims to have had access to certain technical data and also claims that there is “no technical failure of his car“.

An argument refuted by the lawyer. “Tesla says that, except the car is under seal, so I don’t know how they came to do that. I think Tesla is trying to be careful of its image, which is maybe a little bit banged up. “ The investigation is continuing. And Me Sarah Saldmann says “relying on the expertise of the vehicle to determine responsibility. Knowing that in Teslas there is a USB key that records, and the recording is also sealed.

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