Taxi company G7 quarantines its Tesla Model 3s

After a terrible accident involving a Tesla Model 3 on the streets of Paris, the G7 taxi company suspends its entire Tesla fleet.

Last Saturday night, a taxi driver in a Tesla Model 3 had a terrible accident in the streets of the capital which left one dead and many injured, including three in serious condition. While an investigation has been opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office, the G7 taxi company is storing the 37 Tesla Model 3s in its fleet (out of a total of 9,000 vehicles) in the garage.

The news has been making headlines ever since the company announced late yesterday, sparking all the speculation. But it is above all a precautionary measure, as confirmed by Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, the Minister of Transport, this morning at the microphone of RMC: “There is a precautionary principle which is applied because the accident is dramatic, and the driver’s version may possibly be worrying”before specifying that there is nothing to worry about with Teslas due to the absence of a technical malfunction.

Because this is what the first analyzes of the logs revealed: according to the manufacturer, the recorded data did not show any technical failure from the car. This contradicts the version of the driver involved, which indicates that the car began to accelerate on its own, without the brake being able to be operated.

No technical issues from the Tesla Model 3 yet

Tesla to specify that after each investigation for similar facts, the investigators were able to establish “that the car accelerates if, and only if, the driver has decided so”. This is also the conclusion of the NHTSA, the road safety authority in the USA, which, seized by Tesla drivers for untimely acceleration faults, conducted its investigation.

But the fact remains that these problems often come up on the table, as one of our readers tells us who had similar concerns, fortunately without material or bodily consequences.

The Paris prosecutor’s office indicated that it was continuing the investigation, which is the subject of investigations covered by secrecy. Tesla, through the voice of its general manager in Europe, says it is available to investigators to provide all the necessary data, and to be calm on the subject. In the meantime, the G7 company specifies that not all Teslas are affected, and that the Model S fleet will remain in circulation. The 37 taxi drivers who chose the Tesla Model 3 will receive compensation for their temporarily lost activity.

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