Cats are interested in what their owner tells them

When they hear the voice of their owner, cats are more demonstrative than with another human. Credit: Maliflower73 – DECRYPTION – Although they seem to have nothing to do with it, they are sensitive to the human voice and understand that it is they who we are talking to. Slumped on the sofa, totally … Read more

Discover 5 breeds of sled dogs

Sled dogs, also called “sled dogs”, are cut to face snow and ice. Sled dogs are renowned for their intelligence and excellent physical health. They are enduring, sociable and very attentive to their master. Here are 5 iconic sled dog breeds, along with their main characteristics. The Husky Team of huskies. Melinda Nagy / … Read more

INVESTIGATION – “I completely cracked”: the dangerous fashion of the illegal detention of servals

Owning a serval in France is possible after a long administrative process: you need trainer training and a suitable enclosure to obtain a certificate of competency. This document, Virginie does not have it. And yet, she does welcome a serval into her home. For fear that it will be seized, she wishes to remain anonymous … Read more

Animal abandonment: a new obligation for future masters

In the Hauts-de-Seine, the couple shown in the TF1 report above came to collect a one-year-old cat, found on the street a few months ago and cared for by an association. At the moment, adopters like them are far too rare, compared to the number of owners who abandon their pet.“It’s exponential, it has almost … Read more

What to do when you find an injured animal?

In an urban environment, as in the wilderness, you may encounter an injured animal on your way. How to react well in such a situation? What are the right reflexes to adopt? If you discover an injured animal, wild or domestic, it is important to follow certain recommendations and procedures. Who to call if you … Read more

a senator on horseback in the corridors of parliament

Colombian parliamentarians can now sit with their pets, a world first. The right-wing senator Alirio Barrera did not show up in the hemicycle in Bogota with his cat or his dog, but perched on his imposing white horse. The member of the Democratic Center party first strolled on his horse through the streets of the … Read more

Why is my dog ​​scratching the ground?

Regardless of your pet’s breed, a dog scratching a surface is a common behavior. Why does a dog scratch the ground? What are the commonly accepted reasons for this behavior? Scratching the ground is most often a harmless reaction in dogs, but in certain circumstances it reflects a negative emotion, such as anxiety. How should … Read more