First price products are often as good as the brands, sometimes even better, according to “What to choose”

By Lena Couffin Posted yesterday at 3:01 p.m., Update yesterday at 3:08 p.m. In its November issue, UFC What to choose compares the nutritional quality of low-cost industrial products to that of their branded equivalent. Getty Images In its November issue, the magazine What to choose compares the nutritional quality of entry-level products to that … Read more

the worst and the best, according to “60 million consumers”

While some cereal and biscuit manufacturers are moving away from additives, the majority stand out with a sugar content that is still too high. Getty Images In its October issue, the magazine 60 million consumers scrutinizes the nutritional composition of some fifty breakfast and snack products. Race results? Mixed, with an effort on the additives … Read more

Teriyaki, shiitakes, Wagyu beef… Five Japanese restaurants to try in Paris

Gastro chic, bistro, neighborhood canteen… these addresses shake up the codes of Japanese gastronomy. The Yakuza Zen Garden Nestled in the heart of the Vendôme hotel, it is the oasis of Paris where you can nibble on nipponies: edamame with fleur de sel or truffles, salmon teriyaki, chicken or vegetarian gyozas, cuttlefish tempura with shichimi … Read more

Classic or vegetarian, the croque-monsieur is making a comeback on the menu of trendy restaurants

With the great return of the brasserie spirit, the croque-monsieur continues to reinvent itself. Generous, it anchors itself in the era with its veggie variations. In the era of gender fluid, the croque-monsieur does not seem destabilized. His very gendered name appears on the menu of many restaurants, including that of the Bellanger brasserie in … Read more

These micro changes in your plate that will make the difference

Putting color on the plate not only attracts the eye but also fills up on antioxidants. Getty Images. In her book, dietitian nutritionist Sophie Janvier delivers her gentle method for eating better. Tricks to modify our meals a tad, without necessarily lightening them or impoverishing them in taste. Dinner of a soup in the evening … Read more

Gourmet and photogenic, sandos are a must in Japanese street food

This Japanese sandwich made with ultra-soft sandwich bread is the latest street food star. Beautiful and good at the same time, it is all the rage on social networks and at the new gourmet counters which revisit it or offer it in a traditional version. In impeccable bermudas and shirt, Kaito Hori is coolly elegant, … Read more

What is the best position for dinner?

The French tradition is that a meal takes place around a table, round, rectangular or square, but never, ever, on the floor or even standing. But is this the best position? When the clock strikes noon or 8 p.m., it is not uncommon to hear the eternal “à taaable”, the usual signal to indicate that … Read more

Introduction to fermentation, for tasty foods that are good for the microbiota

They give pep to your dishes, are excellent for your health and easy to prepare at home, fermented foods are investing more and more in kitchens. Decryption. Lacking oxygen can be good! You only need to leave some carrot or celery sticks in a tightly sealed jar for a while to be convinced. Under the … Read more

Is dark chocolate really better than milk chocolate?

Between dark and milk, should we really favor one more than another? Getty Images The square of dark chocolate is reputed to be good for the heart, morale and against stress. But does its milk version really have nothing interesting to show? The point with two nutrition specialists. If there is a divisive subject at … Read more