The French mostly in favor of a law allowing you to be buried with your dog or cat

While it is possible to be buried with your pet in Germany, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, the practice is strictly prohibited in France. A whimsical idea… which nevertheless arouses support. More than two out of three French people surveyed (68%) say they are in favor of the implementation of a law allowing them to … Read more

Cats are interested in what their owner tells them

When they hear the voice of their owner, cats are more demonstrative than with another human. Credit: Maliflower73 – DECRYPTION – Although they seem to have nothing to do with it, they are sensitive to the human voice and understand that it is they who we are talking to. Slumped on the sofa, totally … Read more

Discover 5 breeds of sled dogs

Sled dogs, also called “sled dogs”, are cut to face snow and ice. Sled dogs are renowned for their intelligence and excellent physical health. They are enduring, sociable and very attentive to their master. Here are 5 iconic sled dog breeds, along with their main characteristics. The Husky Team of huskies. Melinda Nagy / … Read more

What to do when you find an injured animal?

In an urban environment, as in the wilderness, you may encounter an injured animal on your way. How to react well in such a situation? What are the right reflexes to adopt? If you discover an injured animal, wild or domestic, it is important to follow certain recommendations and procedures. Who to call if you … Read more

Why is my dog ​​scratching the ground?

Regardless of your pet’s breed, a dog scratching a surface is a common behavior. Why does a dog scratch the ground? What are the commonly accepted reasons for this behavior? Scratching the ground is most often a harmless reaction in dogs, but in certain circumstances it reflects a negative emotion, such as anxiety. How should … Read more

two dogs to “appease and free speech”

By Clara Hidalgo Published 46 minutes ago, Update 1 minute ago Ouchi, a golden retriever present to reassure the victims, with his companion Aurore Bourcereau, before the opening of the Millas case trial in Marseille, September 19, 2022. NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP NARRATIVE – Ouchi and Rancho were requisitioned to psychologically support the victims as … Read more

How dogs see the world

What if tomorrow we could read our dogs’ minds? We are not there. But researchers still offer us today, for the first time, a glimpse of how the mind of dogs reconstructs what it sees. No offense to our ego, our best friends seem more interested in the actions we do than in our little … Read more