Swore. Raymonde Jeunet rewarded by the Institute of French Gastronomy

After two years wasted by the Covid-19 epidemic, the Institute of French Gastronomy was able to hold its annual general meeting in the refined setting of the Castel Damandre hotel-restaurant in Planches-près-Arbois.

The founding president of the association, the Haut-Saônois Alain Madeleine, who was the emblematic cook of the Hôtel du Nord in Vesoul, recalled the vocation of the institute, namely the promotion and defense of French gastronomy and authenticity of products, support for the teaching of catering trades, organization of competitions and events leading to the awarding of distinctions. At the end of the general meeting, a cocktail developed by Alain Madeleine himself allowed discussions between guests before the awards ceremony.

Daily work “to keep the house”

And if the president chose the region of Arbois for this edition, it is because he reserved this year the highest distinctions for Raymonde Jeunet, widow of André Jeunet, the restorer of the Hôtel de Paris in Arbois, and mother of Jean-Paul Jeunet, who brought a second star to the famous house. In the absence of the person concerned, prevented by her old age (98 years), it was her son who received the great medal of honor and the diploma of honor from the Institute of French gastronomy.

A life in catering

Alain Madeleine recalled that Raymonde Jeunet herself from a line of gourmets (Hotel Bonjour in Port-Lesney) participated in the epic of the family. He spoke of her ever attentive presence alongside her husband André, from 1951 at the Café de Paris, opposite the town hall, and her daily work to “keep the house”. Very moved, Jean-Paul Jeunet warmly thanked the institute and its president, promising to give the distinctions to his mother, which was done (our photo), to the greatest joy of the recipient.

Other diplomas were awarded to Claude-Marie Bonnefoy (Sauvigney-lès-Pesmes), Bernard Delaby (Paris), Laurent Gay (Port-sur-Saône) and Jacques Ortiger (Port-Lesney).

The gourmet meal that followed the meeting was the work of chef Pascal Mathieu.

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