Suzanne et Lucien, the new bakery-butcher of starred chef Jacky Ribault in Noisy-le-Grand

By Manon C. Posted September 20, 2022, 9:37 AM

Starred chef Jacky Ribault is opening a new bakery-butchery in Noisy-le-Grand: Suzanne et Lucien. Long-fermented natural sourdough breads, matured meats from small breeders’ cooperatives, raw butter pastries, home-made groceries… Only good things!

Almost a year after the opening of its modern brasserie Les Mérovingiens at Noisy le Grandthe Chef Jacky Ribault continues to expand in Seine-Saint-Denissomewhat neglected by fine restaurants and quality food shops, with the inauguration of Suzanne et Lucien, her new bakery-butcher.

It’s a stone’s throw from his premiere noisy address that the chef – starred for his first restaurant Qui Plume La Lune in Paris, as well as his second restaurant L’Ours in Vincennes – has chosen to open this food trade baptized in honor of his parents, which highlights his own convictions: sustainable agriculture, animal well-being, respect for the terroir ; and above all the possibility of making, in one same placefull of good products thoroughly sourced.

Side bakerythere are long-fermented natural sourdough breadsprepared from organic flours issues of ancient wheat – rye pie, country bread, spelled bread -, as well as Viennese pastries with milk, cream and raw butter from Ferme Saint Colombe in Seine-et-Marne – pain au chocolat, brioche, babka, oil pump.

Side butcher’s shopthe chef unveils matured meatsCapelin pork born in the Cantal and Margeride mountains, Allaiton lamb from Aveyron, Noir de Bigorre, Landaise poultry from Arnaud Tauzin, but also a grocery store party which honors artisanal products hand-picked, like the Maison Martin hot sauces, condiments by Oscar and pickles House Mark.

What to fill up with good thingsand even to leave with a good bottle of wine. A business that enchants the city of Noisy le Grand !

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