Strasbourg. The best waiter in the world is from Strasbourg!

With Dylan, the quote “the important thing is to participate” does not really apply. The important thing is to win. Pierre de Coubertin would be disappointed. At the end of October, Dylan put all his strength and his mind, after four years of preparation, to win against 22 opponents from all over the world at the WorldSkills in Lucerne, Switzerland (it was originally to take place in Shanghai ).

“22 hours of competition over four days, it’s not for nothing that we call it the Olympic Games of the trades! he smiles, back in France after his victory. We are not going to detail all the events, because otherwise we would still be there tomorrow, the list is so dizzying. But in summary, Dylan had to prepare coffees with mystery ingredients (added kirsch to him, local wink obliges), swing cocktails, unpack his G culture in the field of wines in front of 22 jurors, serve real customers with flambés, plates of cut fruit, serve at the pedestal table and perform, icing on the cake, an English service: “It consists of carrying a two-and-a-half-kilo dish at arm’s length and serving each guest with the other hand in an ultra-tight timing”.

Dylan, during his visit to the protocol service of the City.

He explodes the chrono

And then there was the gastronomic service, the last test: “You have to set the table, make a vinaigrette, serve the dishes, hold the conversation, adapt to the customers, make cuts… I was the only one to finish before the end of the clock, one minute and four seconds ahead of the two-hour race”. Only then was Dylan able to breathe, four years of intense preparation came to an end. “I was dead from stress, I thought I was going to die! And deliverance came with the announcement of his gold medal: “I burst into tears, we hugged with the team around me and then we partied late into the night. the night. In 46 editions, no French or French had ever won the title.

Looking back. Originally from Soultz, in the Haut-Rhin, Dylan knows very quickly which way he will go. He will be a cook. “Chef in a three star”, he insists. Cooking is his thing. “He did a lot of cooking with my aunt, who kept him during the holidays,” recalls his mother, Rika Werner. “So it was obvious for me to go to the kitchen, at the Alexandre-Dumas hotel school,” says Dylan, at a brisk pace. “But I’m someone who likes to talk, I like serving wine, cutting, flambéing…”, supports the young man. As soon as he started his studies, he opened up to restaurant service. It’s love at first sight. “I wanted him to finish his training, but his teacher told me that it was better for him to change courses immediately. And since then, it’s been fireworks, ”smiles his mother.

An iron determination

Best apprentice in France then champion of WorldSkills France, and now world champion, Dylan did not spare himself to prepare. He has just completed a year in the protocol service of the City of Strasbourg. At the heart of municipal diplomacy and political events, he used his free time to practice: “Once or twice a week, I went to train at Lycée Dumas. In the evening, I play sports and revise. This unfailing determination, which he cultivates on a daily basis, was passed on to him by his mother, now a quality referent, when she was raising her only son on her own: “I am of Japanese origin and it it’s in our character to never give up. He has a mind of steel. “It is also supported by a team, including a MOF butler and a mental coach, that he has prepared.

Still on his little cloud after his victory, Dylan wasted no time: duty above all. He began his new job on Thursday as a butler in a Parisian luxury hotel, Maison Villeroy. “Being world champion, on the CV, it helps! he jokes. “But it’s above all a responsibility and a commitment to the country and the profession,” he adds, suddenly more serious.

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