ST-SERNIN: Mathéo Bouthenet qualified for the national final “Young Talents-Maître Restaurateur”

Mathéo Bouthenet (left) has just qualified for the national final of the “Young Talents-Maître restaurateur” competition

He is the great pride of his father Laurent. Mathéo Bouthenet has just won the moon by qualifying for the national final “Young Talents-Maître Restaurateur”. Mathéo is 17 years old, he works as an apprentice alongside his father at the Restaurant du Château in Saint-Sernin du Bois and is preparing a professional certificate. He learns quickly and well it seems since he has just won first place in the competition which took place this Monday at the Cité de la Gastronomie in Dijon, ahead of three other candidates. For this test, the young cook made a plate of kidneys and veal sweetbreads in a casserole with mashed potatoes and vegetables. The jury particularly appreciated his mastery of execution and the quality of his work. Mathéo will therefore participate in the national final of the competition which will be held in Brest on November 21, 2022. Of course in Saint-Sernin, everyone is crossing their fingers that Mathéo returns with the coveted title.


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