Spain: one or two dogs? A post from the national police sows confusion among Internet users

One of the latest publications from the Spanish National Police has confused and amused internet users.

One or two dogs? A Twitter post published by the Spanish national police has been the target of jokes on the social network since Friday. The publication is accompanied by a photo showing two officers, a woman and a man, from behind with their arms crossed, looking out to sea. Alongside them are also two dogswho became the real stars of this shot.

And for good reason, because of the particular perspective with which the photo was taken, one would think that there would be only one dog which would have split.

“A dog with six legs and four ears?”

As soon as the photo was published, some Internet users were quick to quip, wondering if they were seeing double. Best Breathalyzerimpossible: ‘let’s see, how many doggies do you see?'”writes one of them, while another wonders: “A dog with six legs and four ears?”.

This Saturday, the publication had been “liked” more than 800 times.

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