“SpaceX wants to launch 100 missions in 2023”, says Elon Musk

For 2023, SpaceX aims to further increase its already impressive launch rate. Ars Technica’s Eric Berger tweeted on Wednesday that he had ‘heard’ the goal was to launch 100 missions next year – to which company founder and CEO Elon Musk responded quickly, confirming rumors.

Many of these upcoming missions will likely launch large batches of satellites to the broadband internet megaconstellation Starlink. After all, 25 of SpaceX’s 39 launches this year were dedicated service flights, putting an average of 50 satellites into orbit at once.

So far, all Starlink missions have been launched on Falcon 9 rockets, but that could change starting next year. SpaceX is working to finally use its next-generation super rocket, a massive vehicle complex known as the Starship – which will become the world’s largest space launch system at 120 meters high.

The colossal rocket’s first orbital test flight could lift off in the coming months from Starbase, SpaceX’s facility in South Texas. The company recently began performing “static fire” tests on the engines of Booster 7 and Ship 24, the two Starship prototypes that will be used for this mission.

As the website points out space.com, Starship is crucial to SpaceX’s plans to reach 100 launches. But much more than that, the fully reusable vehicle will be economical enough β€œto make Mars colonization economically viable,” according to Musk.

Additionally, SpaceX will rely on the rocket to launch its large and bulky second-generation Starlink satellites, which can deliver the service directly to smartphones.

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