South-Grésivaudan. A canine pension where the dogs are at home

The bell provokes the barking of Isy, a 9-year-old Jack Russell, and Naya, a one-year-old Malinois, whose mistress is in the process of perfecting her education. Only the placid Milana, a huge 6-year-old Cane Corso weighing as many dozens of kilos, stays quietly in place, unsurprisingly: moving around is not her thing, laughs Julie Duminy. She, who is already welcoming her for the fourth time to her boarding house, at her home in Saint-Pierre-de-Chérennes, knows the invasive dog well, whose size is matched only by her attachment to humans. .

The one who is also a dog trainer in her – rare – spare hours opened her structure, Dog Ever, in April 2021, a “passion job” for the 30-year-old young woman who wanted to “be [sa] own boss and be at…

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