Soon the end of Bagelstein in Nancy? Exhausted, the owner puts the restaurant up for sale

The Bagelstein restaurant in Nancy is currently for sale.
The Bagelstein restaurant in Nancy is currently for sale. (©Amandine Mehl/ Lorraine News)

“The business is doing very well. We even have more people than before the Covid-19 “says Richard Zafrani, owner of the restaurant Bagelsteinlocated at 29 rue du Pont Mouja in Nancy.

However, the establishment is sale. Consequence of a Fed up“, for the manager, who now wants to “move on and completely change his activity”.

endless days

For Richard Zafrani, the Bagelstein adventure began in April 2013. Since then, and even more so since the coronavirus, customers have been pouring in.

But, behind the success, hide problems that many other restaurateurs also know.

It’s way too much work. I no longer have a personal life. I arrive in the morning at 9 a.m. and if all goes well, I leave at 6 p.m. But, very often, I leave the restaurant at 9:30 p.m. Then, when I get home, it’s still to work, because I have my head in the papers. It’s all too much stress.

Richard ZafraniOwner of the Bagelstein restaurant in Nancy

“People invested? We can’t find any more! »

In addition to the endless days, Richard Zafrani difficulty recruiting staff. “Find people invested a minimum? Today, that’s no longer possible,” he confides, with examples to back it up.

I hired a student for lunch. She told me that her schedule would allow her to work. Except that, when she found out about her class hours, she could only come two days a week. In another register, I had a young man who wanted a 35-hour contract. Usually, these are more student contracts. But, I responded to his request. One week when I already had an employee absent, he called me to tell me that he had a migraine and that he was not coming.

Richard ZafraniOwner of the Bagelstein restaurant in Nancy

Applications, the owner receives “tons”. “I multiplied the tests. But, no candidate has reached the end of their 30-day trial. “I vomited, I’m not coming. The next day, I vomited again so I don’t come. “Then, when I ask to stop working, I am told “I couldn’t go to the doctor because I was too sick. » »

Need a break

Exhausted, Richard Zafrani decided to move on and sell his establishment. “If someone wants to take Bagelstein back, it’s possible. But the room can also accommodate another activity. »

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If for the moment the owner of the premises does not know precisely what he will do, once the adventure is over, he claims to “have several avenues to bounce back from”.

But before that, a break several months is required!

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