soon a Burger King restaurant in Bergerac

However, this month of September, barriers and a construction machine appeared around what was until now the restaurant of the Campanile hotel. From the roundabout, on closer inspection, you can see the sign informing of a “prior authorization” for the construction site, filed by Burger King Construction.

Available at the town hall after some research, the building permit announces a building of 352 m² in place of the current one (320 m²), which must be demolished.

In front of McDonald’s

With a total capacity of more than 200 people (including twenty employees), the future restaurant will offer 126 seats (including five for people with reduced mobility) and 32 parking spaces. We do not yet know the amount of work or the opening schedule, but the start of construction seems imminent.

He has been waiting to start for more than a year: the building permit was issued in July 2021. Fans of whopper, the famous Burger King sandwich, were starting to have a rumbling stomach. Rest assured, they will soon no longer have to go on a pilgrimage to Trélissac to taste the specialties of Burger King.

On the other hand, there is one that could be much less happy to see a competing fast-food brand set up, it’s McDonald’s located less than 50 meters away, just on the other side of the road from Bordeaux. .

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