“Sometimes I deprive myself of certain foods. I no longer buy cheese, for example”

Restrictions, purchases in small quantities, promotions… the French have been forced to change their consumption habits, in this return to school marked by inflation. Testimonials in a supermarket, in Clermont-Ferrand.

Strolling through the shelves of this supermarket in Clermont-Ferrand, we see that the contents of the shopping carts tend to look the same, with a few purchases. On this Wednesday afternoon, we see little meat and private label products seem to be preferred to those of the big brands.

In the fruit and vegetable department, Nadine, in her forties, favored the small shopping bag for her weekly purchases: “I reduce as much as possible. But for food, we have to buy, we have to eat well. », she smiled.

For Anne-Marie and François, the observation is clear: “The price of butter has exploded. The milk pack took 2 euros more. On the receipt it is obvious”exclaims the retired couple.

So when some decide not to deprive themselves of this expense item, others have to restrict themselves somewhat. This is the case of Daniele. This 71-year-old retiree carefully weighs her few tomatoes so as not to exceed 2 euros: “I calculate everything! I have a low pension.

With less than 1,000 euros per month, and prices rising, it is difficult to eat as much as before

The retiree goes so far as to reduce in quantity: “Sometimes I deprive myself of certain foods that I don’t think are necessary. I no longer buy cheese, for example. This is no longer possible “she laments.

Jacques and Claudine, a couple in their sixties, are categorical: “It is out of the question to deprive yourself of food. We prefer to cut corners on other expenses: take the car less, turn on the heating less. In addition to being good for the wallet, it’s good for the planet! »they smile, while walking quietly in the aisles of the store.

So, to neither restrict themselves nor blow the budget, some have opted for small tricks. For Thomas and Sylvie, this requires a change of strategy in their purchases: “To adjust without depriving ourselves, we do our shopping day by day. We no longer make big commissions for the month. it allows us to adapt our expenses in the end according to what we have left”, confides the young couple. Sophie has a more original trick: “I have reduced my tobacco consumption”, she slips amused, her eyes riveted on the price of yogurt.

According to a survey by Opinion Way for Bonial, 34% of people questioned say they compare prices more and 30% of them prefer food products on sale, in the face of record inflation.

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