should we fear additional delivery delays?

A few days ago, a fire broke out in Tesla’s European Gigafactory in Berlin: is vehicle production in danger?

A few days ago, a major fire declared at Tesla’s new factory in Berlin, Germany. Firefighters from the Gigafactory requested assistance from city firefighters overnight, around 3 a.m. The fire, whose cause remains unknown for the moment, occurred in the Tesla recycling facility, which is located north of the Berlin industrial site.

This factory, whose construction began in 2020, was only inaugurated this year, due to delays mainly due to the health crisis, but also to opposition to the construction of the factory by environmental activists.

Gigafactory Tesla: a major fire

Within the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin, there is a recycling facility, managed by the specialist company Remondis, which stores materials awaiting recycling: this is where the fire started. If the scene is impressive, it is mostly wood, cardboard and paper that caught fire.

The fire required several hours of intervention and around fifty firefighters, including 12 internal Tesla firefighters, to bring it under control. Fortunately, the damage is only material and no injuries are to be deplored. If the causes of the incident are currently unknown, this is not the first time that the Berlin factory of Tesla has been the victim of a fire: the previous one dates back to 2021, a fire of criminal origin in a context of opposition with German ecologists.

Fire at the Gigafactory Tesla: environmental opposition

Like last year, environmental activists are worried about the consequences of a fire which could lead to a possible infiltration of toxic substances into the ground, which could contaminate a drinking water table not far from there: they ask, for these reasons, a closure of the plant.

Despite these objections, it is unlikely that the German Tesla factory will be closed for these reasons. Indeed, without real proof of pollution of the basements by these industrial installations, the local authorities will not take no closing measures administration. Tesla’s presence in this region also helps to fuel the local job pool, and a possible closure could have harmful social consequences.

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Tesla Gigafactory fire: delivery delays?

In addition, this fire only broke out in a facility allowing the recycling of materials, and did not touch the production lines from Tesla’s Gigafactory. Technically, the production of vehicles from the firm of Elon Musk should therefore not be stopped.

The manufacture of the Tesla Model Y will therefore not be impacted by this incident, and the ramp-up of production should be able to continue. Soon, the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin will also host a new extension, which will allow the on-site manufacture of battery cells, to power the American brand’s electric vehicles.

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