Shops and restaurants in Bourges and Saint-Germain-du-Puy placed in compulsory liquidation

The Commercial Court of Bourges pronounced, on Tuesday, several judicial liquidations. A restaurant and two shops are concerned. In Bourges, the organic grocery store O’Petit oignons, located at 75 rue d’Auron, in Bourges, has closed its doors. The business had opened its doors at the beginning of the year.

This Tuesday, we were unable to reach the manager. On the door of the business, it was indicated: “For various reasons, the shop will not open its doors and until further notice.”

Doctor IT, installed in the gallery of the Berruyer Carrefour shopping center, was also placed in compulsory liquidation. This business specialized in the repair of telephones, touch pads, computers, game consoles, etc. We have not been able to reach the store managers.

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Also recently opened, the Clearly better zero waste drive, located in the Danjons area in Bourges, was also placed in compulsory liquidation on Tuesday. We were unable to reach the manager whose business opened at the end of 2021.

Finally, the restaurant le Palais de Saint-Germain-du-Puy, located on the route de La Charité, has also closed. The owners could not be reached on Tuesday.


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